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<-*®¥ån'§ Jøu®πål*->


12/27/04 06:40 pm - T.O Vacation

Well I'm at the Grande Hotel in Toronto with my family. We went to go and see Aladdin and it was alright...although a bit to much for kids. Well we ordered room service (mmm) and it was sooo good. They have this sick roof hot-tub that were going to soon. Oh but you know what sucks! Brock is sick and we can't do anything now! But hopefully he will get better soon orelse my parents will take us home :O. The hotel room is pritty nice...kind of small. But we are right in Toronto...you can see the CN from our window. Oh yay. The building is huge. And its really fancy to. Well we are going to the Eatons Center tommorow (YAYAY). That will be fun...and then I think we are going skating...and then to see this magic show. That will be fun. Anyways I'll talk to you later.


12/20/04 09:52 am - new x-mas layout

lol...this is Ryan's bestest friend... or so he tells me, Natalie. I just changed his layout for him, so it'll be a suprise for him when he comes online next! How do ya'll like it? Make a comment if you still read his lj! Bye now!

12/15/04 10:29 pm - Back at it

Hey guys...ok...im gonna start blogging again. I'm gonna make this all nice again and clean it up..just give me a little time (because I know its really ugly right now). So thank you.


11/22/04 07:29 am

back and at it... well maybe!

1/13/04 09:52 pm

I have made a decision. This journal is now closed. I am sorry but I can't stop thinking about Holly Jones. I'm going out to buy a book with a hard cover and I'm going to make that my journal. I'm sorry everyone, I love you all, but the internet just isin't safe anymore. In the future I may make it friends only...but not for a while. Bye everyone...I will read all your comments! Thanks for sticking with me! :)Ryan:)

1/13/04 09:22 pm - decisions....

I've been thinking about making this friends ony after this talk in class today about rapers. Scary. I dont wanna get raped!

1/12/04 02:25 pm

Here at school beside K. Just finish my project. Wow...~ is SOO mad at ~~. I think I can get over it a little quicker (but then again, she said alot more mean stuff about K~). So S is hopefully gonna delete her journal after all the problems its called. I've been working on my buisness layout website...its ok ok. RT Digital Studio. Well Umm I have two minites left of computers. What to write...what to write. Oh yeah....I hate ~ (dun wanna way his name because knowing him he will find it and run to Mr. ~) hehe. Well I'm thinking about changing my background pic for my journal. Getting sick of looking at me..lol. K is funny. Bye.

1/11/04 08:25 pm - Bored

Well S has said all her appoligiez over and over. I have to put alot of thought into this, and look out for K because she has realy hurt her. I might forgive her but definatly not on monday. Well, in other news, I had a play practise today. It was fun. Still on my little diet...yay.

Ok, well now I have to plan my next week on my board. I figure that I need two days for each subject to study. I will have one subject per day next week and then the weekend and then the night before each exam. I keep thinking about the party after exams and that keeps me motivated. Well I'll see what happenes tommorow. Sonali is back from India...yay!

1/10/04 08:57 am - World War IV

Well I told K about what S wrote in her jorunal. She is in a pile of shit right now. I'm in the Sony Sore with nat right now so I will update more later. Bye!

1/9/04 04:26 pm

Holy shit. S, the innocent one, has become outspoken. Her journal angelpuppy is so wrong. I can't belive her maturity level. Holy she isint gonna have very many friends.


Along with my day. It basically consisted of French and ~ (the fuck head) spraying WD-40 all over the classroom and giving me a migrane. I fucking hate him. Well...I am on a diet and I''ve lost 6 pounds :). I am hungry because we havint eaten dinner yet. Well I have to babysitt my brothers tonight so I'll be on MSN.
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